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Saturday, January 7, 2012

Real Time moves to 1360 KKTX AM.

Chris Duff
Ron Cardwell

C.C. Duff Blog's

Radio show helps RE/MAX Associates influence Corpus Christi


Ron Cardwell and Chris Duff are the hosts of Real Time: The South Texas Real Estate Radio Show, which will begin airing on its new station, KKTX 1360 AM, on Jan. 7 and airs every Saturday from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m.
Real Time: The South Texas Real Estate Radio Show is moving to a new radio station this week.
The show was created by RE/MAX Associates in Corpus Christi colleagues Ron Cardwell and Chris Duff and it continues at a new time slot and on a different station on Jan. 7.
The weekly show airs every Saturday at 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. on KKTX 1360 AM in Corpus Christi. The station is called NewsRadio 1360 and is a ClearChannel station that focuses on talk and news.
"(We) started thinking of a local community-minded real estate radio show in early 2010," said Duff, who is also the Broker/Owner of RE/MAX Associates in Corpus Christi. "We wanted to offer the community real time information about the current real estate market, keep the community informed about property ownership rights, local representatives, current governmental positions and things to do in the community. All in one hour."
Duff opened the RE/MAX Associates office in 2010 and later that year, Ron Cardwell joined his roster of associates. Then, things started falling together, Duff said, and the show began broadcasting on KOUL 103.7 FM on April 2, 2011.
In 2012, KOUL 103.7 FM transitioned to an all-music format, and Real Time: The South Texas Real Estate Radio Show moved to KKTX 1360 AM in the same market.
"The show has evolved into a very guest-driven program and I think that is its strongest point," Cardwell said. "We have had bankers, inspectors, insurance folks, home warranty reps, foundation experts, title company folks, a credit repair agency, and had one of our Realtors who also happens to be a licensed builder on to discuss avoiding contractor rip-offs. But we have also had a parade of community leaders on the show three different city council members, a state representative, the organizers of a 28-acre Bayfront Park master plan and the head of the local Metropolitan Planning Organization."
Cardwell said the radio show has allowed him the opportunity to promote home ownership and RE/MAX Associates role in that process, along with specific listings to a local audience.
"You have heard that you never learn so much as you do when you agree to teach a subject," Cardwell said. "This is sort of like that; Chris and I have researched topics and become more proficient in topics we otherwise might never have taken more than a passing interest in and there is a lot of value in that alone."
Duff said that they hope to expand the show to a two-hour format with local sponsorship.
"The show has been very successful," Duff said. "We have built listeners by word of mouth, promotional pieces at the radio station and social media. The future looks bright for Real Time."

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